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Water supply is one of the most challenging concerns amongst other issues which many villages of general Cambodian citizens and especially Muslim community have faced challenge with drought issue in recent years, especially during March to June last year 2016. Depend on much request from Muslim Community. H.E Husen Mohamed Farid, Chairman of CMIA has try to find the donors for support dig well and small hand well to those Muslim Community in Cambodia .In collaboration with RISQ AR RAHMAN have supported around 400 wells for poor Muslim families who faced challenge with water shortage in many province which there are:   Tboung Khmom, Kampong Cham, Kampong Thom and Kampong Chhnang province.  
CMIA as the dig well project implement organization have good collaborate with  authority and Muslim community leader for select the real poor Muslim family that they are facing with shortage clean water for daily using and also for water vegetable around their houses.
After around 400 families have received new water well now day both of them are more easier than  before because they have water well nearby not much far and spend much time to carry water for house using previously  and also especially  they have ability to earn money more for daily by grow vegetable around there houses.


 On 13 January 2017 MAC colleagues and Mr. Saedul Islam, Rainbow family program officer of Muslim Aid UK (South East Asia)  have attened in cooperation meeting with  H.E Husen   Mohamad   Farid,Chairman of CMIACambodia at Office CMIA Sapino building, Toulkork, Phnom Penh City.This important cooperationmeeting of both organizations had discussed on work experience,general situation of muslim community development, project implementation in Cambodia and  future collaboration for education and child sponsorship program between Muslim Aid and  CMIA Cambodia.  

  On 01st November 2016 H.E Hosen Mohamad Farid ,Adviser of Ministry of cult and Religious and Chairman of CMIA Cambodia with accompanied by Nouvelle delegationfrom France for attend to presiding in reopening cerem -ony of  study year 2016-2017

 On 16 August 2016 at River Palace Phnom Penh City hotel.  International    Friendship meeting of Egypt Ex Students, Indonesia, and Cambodia Arab Ex Students was conducted by    CMIA Cambodia    corporates with Malaysia  World     Al Azhar Ex-student Association.  This important ceremony  was attended by H.E Husen Mohamad Farid , Adviser of  Ministry of Cult and Religious    and Chairman of CMIA Cambodia , H.E Dato  Chairman of Malaysia  World Al Azhar Ex Student association ,Dato. Wan Mohamad ,Dato Chairman of Arabic & Malaysia language ,Dato. Mafti of Kadaz &Pahang State of  Malaysia and other participant s are   Ex Arabic–Cambodia ,
Malaysia ,Indonesia students  .

During the Opening Speech   After welcome and thankful to all participant. H.E Husen Mohamad Farid,  Adviser of Ministry of Cult and Religious has opening speech  to all participants that :  We are proud and thankful. Under leading by  Somdach    Prime Minister Hun Sen Cambodia was developed very fast for all sectors .Especially for human resource development of Muslim Community as a minority in Cambodia   with around 1million populations.    Royal government of Cambodia has high pay intentioned, provided the  full freedom of Islamic worship, and has allowed for  Muslim woman students have right to were hijab in private and public   school    and include 1500   Islamic teachers to the state officer of Cambodia  Ministry of Education Youth and Sport.   Any way now day  the thousands of Cambodian Muslim are studying and have completed BA ,Master, PhD in local and outside University.  Add more than these  H.E Adviser of Ministry of Cult and Religious Cambodia has suggested to all participants of Arabic-Cambodian Ex Students please have solidarity as a unit and try
to make closed communication with all Ex Arabic students for joining to  develop the country and especially for Cambodian Muslim commu -nity development . H.E Husen  Mohamad Farid said.

Then in the remark speech  of H.E Dato Dr. Mohamad Muhruddin Abdulmukti, Chairman of  Malaysia   World AlEhzir Ex Students Associ -ation  has high evaluated for Royal Government of Cambodia on country development and especially for Education and Human resource development in Cambodian Muslim Community .   Any way during in this special friendship meeting  he has also suggest to  have World
Al Azhar Ex Student Association in Cambodia as Malaysia ,Indonesia and Thailand too.


 The Muslim Community in Chamleu Village , Koh Thom District Kandal Province to receive a new Mosque donated by Johor Islamic Religious Council of , Malaysia