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 Al-Rahman International School has started the new academic year 2019-2020 from September 02, 2019 with new update of curriculumn include: Al-Quran, Arbaic , English 
and the spacially is Mental Arithmetic program. 
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 Rubber plantation WAKAF of Cambodian Muslim Intellectual Alliance at Malaysia  

 The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Cambodian Muslim Intellectual Alliance (CMIA) and CCMI Education Center was held on 25 February 2018


On 22, June, 2017 in afternoon CMIA has  conducted Iftar ceremony fund distribution for five villages in Roka Porbram commune,   Tboung Khmoum district   of Tboung Khmoum province.
This important ceremony was attended by Her Excellency. Dum Mariny, Secretary of State of   Ministry of National defend and H.E Hosen Mohamad Farid, Adviser of Ministry of Cult and Religious and Chairman of CMIA.
Ramadan is the holy month of Rahmah and Barakah from Allah and this month the best value is fasting and also fasting not only avoid from food eating, drinking from FAJER until sunset but fasting for Muslim have to avoid from lying, label and avoid from commit evil. Otherwise is not like that the fasting is no meaning for Allah. H.E Hosen Mohamad Farid said,

   Any way he
has also emphasized that during this Ramadan in 1438 H.    CMIA corporate with RizQ –ar- Rahman and NOUVELLE  OPTIQUE have distributed fund  Iftar implementation for 20, 000   people in many provinces of  Cambodia    which there are Kampong Cham,  Kampong Chhnang, Thboung Khmom, Kandal, and suburb of  Phnom Penh city and other on   CMIA  has also distributed Iftar fund for 500 people in Vietnam Muslim Community. At the same time Her Excellency. Dum Dariny, Secretary of State of Ministry of National defend has shared the value idea in the ceremony that she very happy to see and meet with Muslim people in Propa mosque of Roka Por bram  commune  during the Holy of Ramadan for Muslim world.  She add more that  for present Cambodia leaded by Somdach Prime Minister has provide full freedom to all  religioon  in  Cambodia   and also Somdach Techno Hun Sen  Prime Minister have attended Iftar ceremony with thousands of Cambodian Muslim people  in Phnom Penh city. At the end of the same day Her Excellency.  Dum Mariny and H.E Hosen Mohamad Farid have also attended the Iftar implementation in Roka Probram1 village which there  are 500 Muslim villagers.



 On 29 April,2017 H.E Hosen Mohamad Farid, Adviser of Ministry of Religious and Cults of Cambodia and Chairman of CMIA and his colleagues have visited and discussed meeting with Chairman of PKPU, JAKIM of Islamic Malaysia Develop  Department and Haji. Paimuzi bin Yahja, Vice Chairman of JAKIM  and also Dato. Modh Nordin Ibrahim, Vice Chairman of JAKIM  and Former Chairman  of PKPU that always cooperate and support for CMIA since 2009 until now on many sectors with there are Wakaf, Education,  School building, and Humanitarian. At the end of discuss meeting with good result and positive on CMIA improvement in good progress and quickly.PKPU-JAKIM still continue to support and cooperate with CMIA on Education and Humanitarian sector.
In the name of Chairman and represent for board member of CMIA H.E Hosen Mohamad Farid has profound thanked to Dato. Paimuzi bin Yahya that still continue to support for Education and Humanitarian sector in Cambodia through CMIA. May Allah bless and take care both of Dato Haji and colleagues meet the successful for all works.