Small hand pump wells which have provided by HAYRAT AID, were distributed to poor people in Tbung Khmom Province
 On behalf of Cambodian Muslim Intellectual Alliance (CMIA) would like to thanks to Hayrat Aid that has provided small hand pump wel lto the poor people as well as the needy people in Cambodia. These small hand pump well  were distributed to Cher Del Touch village, Tbung Khmom district, Tbung Khmom Province. Before that, the villagers are very difficult to get a clean water to sustain their live, hence they have to go to the other village about 50 Kilometers from their home in order to get the clean water for their families. Sometimes, they have to line up and wait for many hours with a crowded of people to get the water. Now, the villagers are very happy because they have enough clean water to support their lives. So, they are will be easier and also can maintain their health from the illness as well. Once again, we are very sincerely thankful to the Hayrat Aid that always helps and supports our Cambodia Muslim people to have a better and higher living standard in our country. Finally, we hope the Hayrat Aid Organization still supporting and continuously help the poor people in Cambodian not only for the present, but also for the future as well. And we also would like to pray to Allah to give you (Hayrat Aid) to get more blessing, prosperity, stability and peace all the time In Syaa Allah. May Allah accept our Doáa. Ameen Ya Rabal Alameen.